This website highlights a special collection of more than 200 high-resolution images of fore-edge paintings housed in the Rare Books Department of the Boston Public Library.

The books and images on the site can be explored in a variety of ways, either by wandering through the main Gallery, or browsing the works by Subject, Book title, or Painting title.

Our Featured Works section provides additional information about selected books, including detail shots and a video of the book as it is fanned to display the hidden artwork. Anywhere on the site, you may click on an image to view a larger version. Where the "Zoom" tab is presented, clicking it will allow you zoom in and view the painting in exquisite detail. A series of Articles, written by leading experts in the field, provide historical and curatorial insight into fore-edge painting. A full-text Search feature is also provided.


This online collection was made possible by a generous gift from Anne and David Bromer.

The website concept was developed by Tom Blake and Scot Colford. Website programming and design by Josh Boughey. High-resolution photography was done at the Boston Public Library’s digital imaging studio. Descriptive information was captured and created by Jay Campbell and Leslie Burmeister.

The music accompanying the videos was provided by 'phineus'.


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