"The Cries of London": Primroses, Milk, Oranges

Book title: Poems by the late William Cowper, Esq., v.1


Cowper, William.

Poems, by the late William Cowper, Esq. of the Inner-Temple. London, W.H. Reid, Charing-Cross, 1820.

Embellished with engravings. 2 vols., full green straight grain morocco, blind tooling on covers within gilt borders, gilt edges.

A most unusual example of fore edge painting. There are double paintings on each volume and each consists of three finely executed paintings after "The Cries of London" by Wheatley making twelve in all.

Vol. I (from the front) 1. Primroses. 2. Milk. 3. Oranges.
(from the back) 4. Matches. 5. Mackerel. 6. Scissors.
Vol. II. (from the front) 7. Peas. 8. Strawberries. 9. Cherries.
(from the back) 10. Chairs. 11. Love Songs. 12. Gingerbread.

I. Title.

Fore-edge/fanned to the right
Cities & Towns